Episode 109: Cosplay: Fan-fic in 3D

Cosplay: Fanfic in 3-D 

Andi and Lise are doing something a little different in this show! Here, Andi interviews Lise about her involvement in cosplay – specifically propmaking and even more specifically, cool weaponry and armaments. Here we talk about how she got into it, some of the materials she uses, and what cosplay is all about for her and others who are involved. Cosplay rocks! Lise also notes that you can find all kinds of resources for cosplay on YouTube, like Punished Props Academy, who does tutorials and TNT Cosplay Supply, which offers tutorials on using EVA foam, which Lise discussed. There are tons of other cosplay YouTube channels; start browsing! 

Some links of interest: 

Geeks: History of Cosplay 

The abridged yet complete history of cosplay 

The Nerdd: The history of cosplay 

Shout-outs: Lise started watching The Owl House, an animated fantasy TV series available on Disney. It follows the adventures of Luz, a teenaged Dominican American girl who ends up going through a portal to another world where she befriends a witch and becomes her apprentice at the Owl House. Andi shouts out Sam the Sword, a gender fluid trans guy who is also a master sword fighter and artist who also works on film crews. Find Sam on Instagram and Twitter

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