Episode 133: Dr. Who and the 13th Doctor

This week, Andi can’t make it, so Lise talks to one of her friends about the British sci-fi television show Dr. Who. Nyssa (AKA Feverwood), a Dr. Who superfan, regales Lise with all the reasons why Dr. Who, in general, is a fantastic show, and why the thirteenth Doctor, in particular is so wonderful.

Along the way, Nyssa recommends the podcasts Verity!, Radio Free Skaro, Two Minute Time Lord, Reality Bomb, and The Queer Archive for anyone who wants to do a real deep dive into the show.

For her shoutout, Nyssa recommends the second book in Lise Gold’s Resort Series: After Sunset.

Lise (MacTague) talks about how much she enjoyed the second season of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu.

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